South Gippsland, Victoria

Centre for Equine Assisted Learning & Wellness Gippsland

Meet our Equine Team


The most important members of our team are of course our herd. We currently have 7 horses, each offering their own unique experiences. We work with our team as a herd or, where suitable, as individuals carefully matched to our clients needs. All horses live on the property in a herd environment where possible.

Picture 1381Leon

Leon is a 16 year old Quarter horse that I have owned since
he was just 10 months old. He is curious and playful, and
highly sensitive.  He is used for our led activities as he
Is generous with his patience.





Jinxi is a cheeky welsh mountain pony that has called
Spinosa of Hoddle home for 5 years. He is also used with
some of our smaller clients. While patient, he can be a little
cheeky and stubborn.





Ella is the glamorous addition to the herd. She is an
Arabian Warmblood x Thoroughbred. She is super
clever, sweet but knows how to put the boys in their





Blackie was a Harness racehorse and  has been with us for
almost 5 years. Previously a brood mare she is enjoying
retirement with the late discovery of treats!!





Ollie is a very cheeky and laid back Tobiano paint x Thoroughbred
that joined our herd from Queensland almost 4 years ago.
He’s taken a little while to learn how to be in the herd
and is now found his place.


Shyanna is a lovely Quarter horse mare with a soft kinds eye.
Sustaining a leg injury as a young horse she is now a brood mare with
3 foals to her name, including Tyson below.



Tyson is rising 3yo Quarter Horse. He moved here when he
was just 1 month old with his mum Shyanna. He is super confident,
cheeky and is always getting into mischief.





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